2014 / 2015 ANNUAL REPORT

About the School Council

The GMS school council acts as a liaison between the parent / guardian community, the school staff, and the school board. The council meets once a month (except December and March) during the school year, on the third Tuesday of every month in the school library from 7pm to 8:30pm. During the 2014 / 2015 school year, the council accomplished the following items (amounts are approximate):

Message from the Chair

This past year was a year of big changes for GMS.  We welcomed a new Principal, Mr. Pare, and new Vice Principal, Mme Chouinard, and many new staff members as well.  Our School Council also had an executive with all new members, so it was a year of excitement and change, and also of learning.
I owe a debt of gratitude to all the members of council including the staff members who helped me find my bearings in this new position and supported me as I took on the role of chair.  The people who volunteer their time and talents to the school council benefit not only their school, but their children, your children, and our community.  We had in 2014-15, and continue to have, a generous, caring and dedicated group of parents, caregivers, and school staff who happily work to make Greenbank Middle School a vibrant, progressive, healthy place to learn and thrive.  Thank you for all you do!

2014-15 Council Executive Members

Chair - Maria Schnarr
Secretary - Cynthia Mar
Treasurer - Samira Ouaaz
OCASC representative - Annette Murray

Nutrition Programs

  • Operated lunch programs on 3 weekdays - Mommy’s Yummies on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Mr. Mozzarella Pizza on Fridays
  • Operated a milk program 5 days per week


  • raised  $3,332.96 from the sale of pizza to students on Friday
  • raised  $4,384.27 from the sale of milk
  • raised  $757.80 from the Mommy’s Yummies lunch program
  • raised  $4 from the Scholastic book fair
  • received $900.00 Parents Reaching Out Grant (PRO)
  • received $500 Parent Involvement (PIC) Grant

Curriculum Enhancement

  • funded $424.78 to the school to support Red Maple Book Club
  • funded $10,063.00 to the school for the purchase of electronics to enhance learning:
15 Chromebooks
5 Tablets - iPads, iPad Otterbox cases
Tech Tubs - Premium - 5 devices
Apple TV, HDMI Cable

  • helped to run the ski club along with principal
  • put on the graduation dance celebration for Grade 8 graduating students

Community Building

  • Used PRO grant to host an evening with Dr. Maggie Mamen who spoke to the community about raising resilient children.  Talk was well attended (over 50 participants from various schools), with positive feedback.
  • childcare and refreshments were made available during PRO grant evening
  • ran the Scholastic book fair and earned books to enhance the GMS library
  • sold Greenbank hoodies to students to increase the school’s profile and visibility in the community.
  • began using the School Council blog to communicate with community members


Opening balance on August 1, 2014 -  $2,604.41
Amount raised by school council from Aug 2014-July 2015   -  $9,879.03
Amount spent by school council from Aug 2014-July 2015  -  $11,359
Closing balance on August 1, 2015 -  $1,124.44