For students attending the graduation party on June 11 who have food allergies, we have done our best to offer a nut free environment including asking that any home-baked items are nut free.  However, understandably, we cannot offer any guarantees nor can we guarantee that items haven't come into contact with nuts, or other food allergens for that matter.  With this in mind, we will have store-bought cookies from "Enjoy Life" on hand, in the packaging which we will keep separate in the kitchen area. The manufacturer states these are free from the priority allergens.  You and/or your child are welcome to check the packaging when you arrive and decide if this would be a suitable option for them.  Students with allergies are also welcome to bring their own snack(s) if they prefer - in this case, please label the items with their name and have them bring it to the kitchen area upon arrival.  We will keep it separate from other food and they can come and ask for it when they are ready.   

Get ready to have fun!
School Council